Moor Music Festival 2010

A bumper weekend of escapism and fun and listed in this week’s Top Club Picks in the Guardian Guide: “Little festivals are often like the newly cool, low-rent part of town: once word gets out, the rush to take advantage destroys everything that was good about them. Satisfied with catering for just 3,000, this thankfully won’t be happening at this well-regarded Yorkshire festival. Keeping it small creates a closer bond between campers and makes it manageable for little kids. There are plenty of distractions for all ages with workshops, minstrels, a 72-hour “impossible lecture” and art, with live graffiti plus installations. Live music plays its part, but most of it is unfamiliar, with Errors and the frantic, disturbed Kong as close to headliners as they come here. Club sessions play a stronger role, with Joker, Jimpster, DJ Friction, Jack Sparrow, Luke Unabomber and Chris Duckenfield all out to entertain the crowds.”

Our full line-up for 2010 has now been announced, check out the What’s On section for more details


Moor Music Festival

Welcome to Moor Music Festival! Listed as one of the NME’s Top 30 Festivals to Visit in 2009 and The Observers’s Top Ten Independent Festivals, Moorfest 09 was the best and most beautiful one yet! 2010 aims to top this with more excellent, cutting edge and exciting acts, more quirks, interactivity and art, more of that lush n lovely Yorkshire landscape and, quite frankly, more fun than you can shake a stick at.

Oh, and in 2010 we’ll be adding a whole extra day to the weekend whilst keeping the size intimate – under 3000 friendly folks – so we’ll run from an excitable evening on Thursday 12th August, right through to a sleepy-eyed Monday morning.

Come and join us!